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Rango 2 is a cancelled sequel to the 2011 film Rango. It would of been directed by Gore Verbinski, and would have set a screenplay by John Logan. Even though the first film received global praise for it's outstanding animation, superior voice acting, and fresh storytelling— it's sequel didn't happen.


The plot would be set after the events of the first film.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The team thought it was too early to tell if there would be a sequel to the film.
  2. Johnny Depp couldn’t return for the second installment to voice Rango as he was busy working on other projects.
  3. During a Reddit AMA with Verbinski in February 2017, he said that he didn’t want to make a sequel to Rango, but he would like to be involved in animation again and to try and come up with an original idea.[1]


  • Rango is a standalone movie.
  • The sequel is shelved permanently and will likely never see the light of the day.