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Rainbow Friends was a planned DreamWorks Animation film based on the book by Vincent Ver Doot that was first announced in 1997. It was supposed to be DreamWorks Animation's first feature-length film. [1]


Kevin and his friends go on a field trip but something goes terribly wrong, they crash into an abandoned site and need to escape odd world to seek supplies to fix the school bus but the Rainbow Friends are seeking for us and we need to hide from them and recover the bus so we can escape from here and the overarching antagonist, Red. Kevin and his friends are in high school at this point. [2]

Why It Was Cancelled

The cancellation reasons are unknown, but probably due to the characters being too creepy for young children. [3]


Rainbow Friends remained as a book. The Rainbow Friends movie is shelved and will probably be so for decades. In 1998, Antz was placed as DreamWorks Animation's first movie. [4]


This film, had it been released, was going to have a short called "Yellow & Orange", a storyboard for the short can be found on the SlideShare website of story artist and director John Darnell.

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The Rainbow Friends.

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