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Punisher II is Canceleld the sequel to 1989's The Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren

Punisher II


The only thing known about the plot would be the appearance of Punisher archenemy Billy Russo, AKA Jigsaw. The character would've most likely been the main antagonist.


Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle/The Punisher

Why It Was Cancelled[]

Dolph Lundgren was not willing to reprise his role after his disappointment with the final product and its release.


In 2004, Lionsgate Films and Columbia Pictures released a reboot entitled The Punisher starring Thomas Jane.


• Based on the poster, the Punisher would've most likely finally worn a skull insignia (either on his jacket or his shirt), one of the comic character's signature trademarks, which was seriously lacking in the first movie.

• Dolph Lundgren finally returned as the Punisher in a 2019 photo shoot.