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In January 2008, Pooch Café author Paul Gilligan revealed on his website that Sony Pictures Animation has signed to make a computer-animated feature film based on the Pooch Café strip. Gilligan then wrote several story treatments and screenplay drafts. In October 2011, it was announced that Kelly Asbury had been hired to write the next script draft. In April 2013, on a Twitter Q/A session, Gilligan revealed that the Pooch Cafe film was shelved by a director whom he refused to name.


Pooch Café follows the humorous antics of a self-serving, paranoid black and white dog named Poncho. For example, Chazz, Carmen, and other human characters are able to talk not just to Poncho but to Poncho's dog friends as well, all seeming to speak the same language.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Filming had to be scrapped after some things that happened at Sony Pictures Animation.
  2. The writers couldn't get the story together.


  • Pooch Cafe remains as a comic strip adventure.
  • The film of Pooch Cafe is permanently cancelled.