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In April 2015, website We Got This Covered reported that a film based on the 2009 video game franchise "Plants vs. Zombies" was in the works by DreamWorks Animation.

The Lego Movie second- creative director Roy Lee was eventually attached to direct it.


According to Rich Werner about the film, a human ate some contaminated hot dogs while visiting the carnival with his family, then, he became a zombie and began to infect everyone, the rest of the plot is unknown.


Some concept art for the film was leaked online, along with the official announcement on Twitter and Facebook. It was set to be a computer generated film, just like DreamWorks' other projects. There were even old reports that Rich Werner was trying to mimic Garden Warfare-like designs for the zombies in the film.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The cancellation reasons are currently unknown at the moment, though it is assumed that it could have been possibly too scary or violent for kids.


  • It is unknown if the movie will ever be released
  • Plants vs. Zombies stays as it is today.


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