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Pinky and the Brain dvd

Russell Calabrese and Kirk Tingblad once proposed a live-action/animation-hybrid Pinky and the Brain movie, and outlined the idea in now-deleted Facebook comments (pictured below).


In the movie, Brain decides that the reason why he and Pinky fail in their plans is because they are mice. To resolve this, the two turn into humans (still played by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, respectively). The experiment, apparently, is then considered a failure.

The two then embark on a worldwide adventure to find a device that Brain can use to fix their conversion machine (identified by Calabrese as the gene splicer), while coming into conflict with an unknown force. When they find the gizmo they need, they race to the lab to rebuild the device and revert them into mice. Just as they start up the device Pinky is shot with the bullet hitting his heart. The conversion happens and as Brain is sobbing the bullet rolls off his cartoon chest and Pinky is saved. It ends with them cleaning up the lab as Brain asks Pinky "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" This pitch was ultimately rejected for being too expensive.