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Art for the original Pingu series.

In 2009, HiT Entertainment announced that in addition to adapting some of their properties into CGI, they would also be working on film adaptations of a few as well, these planned films where Bob the Builder, The Adventures of Thomas and a live action Pingu movie. The film's existence is only mentioned in an article from 2009 discussing the recently announced Thomas film.


The plot would be planned for the film, but the rest of the plot is unknown.

Why it Was Cancelled[]

  1. Plans for an Pingu live action movie was cancelled due to the controversy.
  2. The cancellation reasons are unknown.
  3. The next movie to Pingu in 2025 first.


  • The movie was cancelled.
  • The Pingu series went on a hiatus until 2017 when it was revived with Pingu in the City.