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Over the hedge verne color

In 2000, Fox Animation originally acquired the film rights to the United Media comic strip Over the Hedge for a feature film produced by Fox Animation Studios. The idea of the film was conceived when Don Bluth and Gary Goldman showed the comic strip to its head Chris Meledandri, who was impressed by its humor and acquired rights to the strip. He asked the screenwriting duo of Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman to write the screenplay for the film.


The plot would have been the same as the DreamWorks version.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Titan A.E. bombed at the box office.
  2. Fox Animation rejected the idea altogether.
  3. Fox Animation Studios was shut down due to the box office disaster of Titan A.E.


  • The film rights were later picked up by DreamWorks and it resulted in the 2006 film being produced by DreamWorks Animation & distributed by Paramount Pictures.