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Here's How Fan Pitches A Movie Could Look Like

Here's How Fan Pitches A Movie Could Look Like.

After Bumblebee became a success, there was a rumor going around that a spinoff focused on Optimus Prime would be in the works. Unfortunately for Optimus fans, the movie looks to have been shelved.

Bumblebee gave a smaller scale take at the Transformers franchise, however, it would appear that the same equation probably won’t be connected to another iconic character.

In an ongoing meeting with Metro US, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura was asked about some information about rumblings about a potential Optimus Prime spinoff film. As he had revealed in past meetings, the film is possible, when they make sense of precisely how it could function.

“We actually have an animated movie in the works that will tell the whole Cybertron mythology. The fans will love that,” Di Bonaventura teased. “We’re trying to figure out an Optimus Prime solo movie.”

“It will be hard with Optimus, he is always right, very stoic and is a man of few words … It is kind of like saying, ‘Lets do a movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi?’” Di Bonaventura continued. “But how much is there to say about Obi-Wan? It is not so easy.”

Any shade towards the potential Obi-Wan spinoff aside, it sounds like Di Bonaventura has a keen interest in making an Optimus-driven story.

“We hope so.” Di Bonaventura explained earlier this month. “Optimus Prime is a tricky one, because he’s so wise and smart, that it’s hard to decide how you can create an emotional story.”

Bumblebee sees the main Autobot crash-arriving on Earth during the 1980s while getting away from the war on Cybertron, getting to know a young lady named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) meanwhile. While the film is totally retconning the standard of the past Transformers films, it is blending things up somehow.



Maybe Taking place Before And Between Bumblebee Movie

Why is it Cancelled?[]

  1. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura stated that their planned Optimus Prime solo movie has been halted
  2. Travis Knight Left Paramount To focus On his stop motion company Laika.
  3. Paramount Pictures Is Busy with Other Projects. Putting Transformers Films On Hiatus.
  4. Some Speculated Its Too Difficult To Make.


  1. The Solo Movie Of Optimus Prime Is Completely On Limbo.
  2. New Transformers Film. Rise Of The Beasts Was Release On June/9/2023
  3. Saving For Future Transformers Movies.
  4. An Animated Cybertron Transformers Movie (Transformers One) is going to release on September/20/2024. Featuring Chris Hemsworth.
  5. While There No Evidence Of Optimus Prime Solo Going To Be Feature Film Or Short Film. It Could Be Possible That it is A Short Film.