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Poster for the cancelled film.

Om Nom: The Movie is a cancelled film hat was going to be based on the mobile game Cut The Rope and focus on the protagonist of the same name. It was announced back in 2015 and was originally scheduled to release sometime in 2016.


Blockade Entertainment (Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Heavenly Sword) would partner up with Zeptolab (creators of Cut The Rope) to make the film.

Misha Lyalin (CEO of Zeptolab) announced on his blog that "Blockade was the right partner to do this. Blockade is also making other movies based on games."


A 13-year old boy called Evan meets a green monster with an irrepressible appetite of a passion for eating sugary cookies called Om Nom. Them both, will discover the true meaning of trust. They go on an adventure within along the way they meet some mysterious creatures, odd places, and shady sides. But Evan must protect Om Nom from getting captured from The Dark Gang, will he do it by fate, or by decision?

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. It's in development hell and has had no real announcements since 2015.
  2. It was originally titled Cut The Rope: The Movie, but was later changed to Om Nom: The Movie.
  3. It was probably scrapped as Cut The Rope became less popular/no one would see it as the game went downhill.


  • The film was silently cancelled.
  • In 2017. some of the people who heard the claims about the ad believed it to be a hoax because it didn't happen on time and there was no proof of the film's existence other than the claim by the ad of the film and was never released to the public. Since, the film is currently lost and no news of the film had been shown or have surfaced.
  • Om Nom Stories remained solo with no adapted counterparts.
  • Cut The Rope remains as a video game franchise, with no animated movies at all.
  • There were also some leaked images of the movie but they appeared to be hoax.
  • there could be a lost trailer being in the hard drive being unreleased in the public, that give us hope one day to find the trailer!.


  • The only footage we've ever got for the film was a poster and the announcement.
  • Despite the Blockade Entertainment website saying Om Nom: The Movie is in development, the film isn't happening anytime soon.