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The infamous animated film, Norm Of The North, was originally planned to be distributed by Crest Animation Studios.


Presumably, the story would have been the same as the finalized product.

Why It was Cancelled[]

  1. Crest Animation Studios was shut down in 2013 due to financial turmoil. Crest Animation later had it's name changed to StreetLight Animation.
  2. Alpha and Omega was a box office flop and was a critical failure, which caused Crest Animation to partially go bankrupt.


  • The development on the film was moved to Splash Entertainment.
  • When the finalized product was released in 2016, it was near-universally panned by critics and audiences alike and was a box office failure.
  • Despite the negative reception, Splash Entertainment released three direct-to-video sequels, with each of them receiving negative reception and sold poorly.