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Note: This page is about the original version of the movie, and the original story is different from the released one.

This was an early version of Muppets From Space, according to some drafts.


The plot was different. Even the title was referred as Muppets in Space. The movie would have had Kermit kidnapped from aliens because they thought he was their ruler. The other Muppets included Miss Piggy would go to rescue him. There would have parodies from other movies such as Men in Black. Even the ending was different. Gonzo was revealed not to be an alien, The alien family knew him thanks to the signals from The Muppet Show, therefore they shapeshift to be similar to Gonzo. Upon meeting him, their true forms would be revealed.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Joseph departed from the project before shooting began.
  2. The parodies didn't fit the tone of the movie.


  • The movie was changed to Muppets From Space.
  • Gonzo was made the main character of the movie instead of Kermit.
  • Original songs that were planned on the original version were scrapped and replaced with a soundtrack of overused music.
  • The movie received mixed-to-negative reviews, along being a box office bomb.