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Mulan III was a planned sequel to the 1998 film and the 2005 sequel Mulan II. It was planned for a 2007 release.[1]

Mulan III Poster


A few months after Mulan II, Fa Mulan must help a Chinese maiden named Wei Hua to save her father Wu Takashi, who is imprisoned in Japan.

Why it was Cancelled[]

  1. Mulan II received negative reviews from critics, audiences and fans alike.
  2. John Lasseter called off all future direct to DVD films after being appointed as head of Disney in 2006.


  • Mulan III was permanently cancelled and the Mulan franchise ended up being a duology.
  • A live-action remake of the original film was released on Disney+ in 2020, and received mixed to negative reviews from critics and audiences alike.