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Morgan's Ghost image.

Morgan's Ghost is a cancelled Disney animated feature film starring Mickey Mouse and his pals and that was supposed to be released sometime around 1939. It were to be scripted by Dick Creedon and Al Perkins throughout most of 1938-1941, but the film was shelved during development.


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy own and run a business of a small tavern called Fish Haven. And one day they meet a peg-legged, eyepatch-wearing, curmudgeonly old green parrot named Yellowbeak who just happens to have a map of pirate Henry Morgan's treasure, and offers the trio if they want to join him on the hunt to find the hidden treasure. They all decide to find the treasure together, but suddenly, Yellowbeak is parent-napped by the villainous Pete, who tried to disguise himself as an old grandma, and the gang are forced to walk the plank and set adrift at sea. They wash ashore in the island the treasure is buried and stumble upon what they think is Captain Morgan's treasure. It turns out it was actually a decoy chest and sets free the ghost of Captain Morgan and says thanks to the crew for finding him and setting them free because they have been trapped in the thing for centuries, They decide to help the gang rescue Yellowbeak and find the real buried treasure. However, since they're completely ghosts, they are not allowed to tell them where exactly the treasure is located at, because they tell them "dead men tell no tales".

After battling long lasting events of the Hangman's Garden traps (AKA the most feared part of the island), man-eating plants, fearful garden shears, torrential rain, quicksand, and harsh geysers..Yellowbeak and the map are eventually rescued and retrieved and the story ends with the gang setting off to find the real buried treasure, once they uncover it's true location.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Because of a conflict with World War II, the Walt Disney Company's priorities had to change, this even almost drove The Walt Disney Company to pure bankruptcy.
  2. Morals from the story were far from profitable.


  • The film was permanently cancelled until in 2024, it will be turned into a short film, and remade by Disney animator Eric Goldberg by directing it with producer Peter Del Vecho.
  • The story was later reworked into a comic called "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold", where Huey, Dewey, and Louie took the place of Mickey and Goofy. However, it bares any resemblance to the original film that almost was.
  • On the ride Pirates of the Caribbean, the echo of the revived quote "Dead men tell no tales" can be heard, paying homage to the line from the film.


  • This would of been the first feature film to reveal Mickey Mouse's eye redesign.