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Moominpappa at Sea (Swedish: Pappan och havet, literally "The Father and the Sea") is the eighth book in the Moomin books by Finnish author Tove Jansson.[1] First published in 1965, the novel is set contemporaneously with Moominvalley in November (1970), and is the final installment in the series where the titular Moomin family are present within the narrative.

The book follows the titular Moomin family as they arrive on a deserted island in the middle of the sea, documenting their experiences as they become familiar with their newfound surroundings. The book is notable for its introspective and contemplative tone, which is in contrast to the other books found within the Moomin series.

The book is based primarily around the character of Moominpappa, who was heavily inspired by Jansson's father, Viktor Jansson.[2] The book's original title is a loose reference to Ernest Hemingway novel The Old Man and the Sea, though this is not reflected in the translation.

After Tove Jansson's death, the producer of the 1990 Moomin television series, Dennis Livson, planned to make a film adaptation based on Moominpappa at Sea, but Tove Jansson's niece Sophia Jansson did not give him permission for the adaptation.[3]

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