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When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was announced in early 1994, actors Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger), Walter Emmanuel Jones (Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger), and Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan, the original Yellow Ranger) were supposed to be part of the film. However, the three actors left the TV series before filming began.


The plot would have been the same just like as the 1995 film, but with the inclusion of Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan as the Red, Black and Yellow Rangers, respectively, instead of Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park and Aisha Campbell.


  • Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger
  • Walter Emmanuel Jones as Zack Taylor/Black Ranger
  • Thuy Trang as Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger
  • David Yost as Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger
  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/White Ranger

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, and Walter Emmanuel Jones left the show after filming the 20th episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers titled "Opposites Attract" because of money and contract disputes.[1]


  • After Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, and Walter Jones left the show for the reason mentioned above, Steve Cardenas (Rocky DeSantos), Karan Ashley (Aisha Campbell) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park) were cast as the new Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers, respectively in both the show and film.
  • Austin St. John would eventually make his debut in a Power Rangers film when he reprised his role of Jason Lee Scott in the 1997 film Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, although Jason appeared as a civilian rather than a Ranger.
  • Lionsgate would release a new Power Rangers film in 2017 which was a reboot featuring Jason, Zack and Trini as Rangers. There was also a new series in 2019.