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Michael Myers vs. Pinhead was a planned crossover movie that was supposed to be made after Freddy Vs Jason.


Not much of a plot is known about this film, the only info this film has is a group go to Michael Myers' house and they find a weird box which one of the members solve, Pinhead is revealed, and he informs the group that one of the cenobites possessed Michael and so it explains his inhuman abilities.

Why it was cancelled[]

  1. The Akkad Brothers who produced Halloween kept the rights to Halloween and didn't want to make movie.
  2. The majority of Hellraiser and Halloween fans were not interested in the idea of this film.


  • Michael Myers Vs Pinhead was cancelled.
  • In 2018, a new Halloween trilogy started.
  • Michael Myers and Pinhead are able to fight in Terrordome: Rise of the Boogeymen, along with many other horror villains.