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Metro poster

Metro is a cancelled Disney movie that would have been another Cars spin-off after Planes and would focus on trains. Steve Loter and Sunil Hall would have directed, Ryan Carlson would have been the art director, and Sunil Hall would also be the head of story. Jermaine Fowler would be the lead voice, Raphael Saadiq would do the score and a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Living In The City would have been the movie's end credit song.

Steve Loter said the story was "a cross between a specific Walter Hill film from the 70’s and a specific Scorsese film from the 80’s.".

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Disneytoon Studios shut down on June 28, 2018.
  2. It would be difficult having the main character be a train, which unlike cars, trucks, busses, bikes, planes, helicopters, boats and submarines that move freely (except that both boats and submarines only move freely in the ocean, including the water/lake inland) trains cannot move freely (and only move where the rails take them).
  3. Many people could have accused it of plagiarising Chuggington, Thomas & Friends and Titipo Titipo.

What If It Wasn't Cancelled[]

  1. Metro will receviving extremely negative review and they will give 1,2 star beacause of the plagiarism of Chuggington, Thomas & Friend and titipo titipo.
  2. They will not realase the toys based on it.
  3. Disney will go bankrupt. Aftermath, Disney will abandoning pixar and permantly shut down so there will be no more movies after disney permantly shut down.


  1. With Metro being cancelled, the Cars and Planes would be the only two series that would exist in its own universe.
  2. This, Planes 3, and To Protect and Serve are the three cancelled Cars projects.