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Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2 is a sequel to the movie 2013 film Man of Steel based on the character of Superman and continuation of Batman V Superman, being part of the DCEU.


According to the details given by Zack Snyder, the plot would revolve around Superman confronting Brainiac, who has freed Faora and the prisoners of the Phantom Zone, who would eventually help Superman to defeat Brainiac.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Warner was not happy with the dismal critical reception from both critics and audiences of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which added to the box office and critical disappointment of Justice League (2017), so they buried any possibility of any solo movie of Henry Cavill's Superman.
  2. The film did not fit in the new DC plans for James Gunn and Peter Safran.
  3. Henry Cavill announces he is no longer Superman.


  1. Warner planned to release a reboot with an African-American Superman, which will be set in an alternate reality like Robert Pattinson's The Batman but probably won’t happen due to the reboot.
  2. The last appearance of Henry Cavill's Superman was in Black Adam.
  3. A new Superman movie is in pre-Production and starts filming in March 2024 and it will focus on a younger Superman played by David Corenswet and shares the same name the 1978 movie Superman being directed and Written by James Gunn and releasing on July 11, 2025.