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Kick-Ass 3 was a planned sequel to Kick-Ass 1 and 2 and would have been the third installment in the Kick-Ass saga and was going to have Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprise his role from the preceding films.


The plot will be flollowthe plot would adapt to Mark Millar's Kick-Ass 3 comic. The rest of the plot is unknown

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Kick-Ass 2 flopped at the box office and received negative reviews from critics and audiences, since the third film would only be produced if it depended on the second film's success.
  2. Chloe Moretz said she would not play Mindy McCready/Hit-Girl.


  • The Kick-Ass franchise is now a duology.
  • In 2018, Mark Millar said that a Kick-Ass reboot and a Hit-Girl spin-off are being planned