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In May 2015, it was announced that Rodriguez would direct a live-action adaptation of Jonny Quest, with a script co-written by Rodriguez and Terry Rossio. Adrian Askarieh has stated to IGN that the film will be Indiana Jones meets James Bond with a PG-13 rating.

In July 2016, Forbes reported that the film would start a franchise with Rodriguez and Rossio's script and will be directed by either Joe Cornish, Justin Lin or Scott Derrickson. The film will position Jonny in the film as "Harry Potter inside an Indiana Jones movie" and specifically sets the film up with the potential for spinoffs. The script also took inspiration from a few specific stories and elements in the original 1960s TV show. The site reported that the studio was considering actors Idris Elba, Bradley Cooper and Will Smith for the role of Race Bannon.

In November 2018, Warner Bros. announced that the movie would be instead directed by Chris McKay.