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In 2004, Rodriguez signed on to direct the film John Carter after his friend Harry Knowles showed him Mark Protosevich's script. Recognizing that Knowles had been an adviser to many other filmmakers, Rodriguez asked him to be credited as a producer. Filming was set to begin in 2005, with Rodriguez planning to use the all-digital stages he was using for his production of Sin City, a film based on the graphic novel series by Frank Miller. Rodriguez planned to hire Frank Frazetta, the popular Burroughs and fantasy illustrator, as a designer on the film.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Rodriguez had previously stirred-up film industry controversy owing to his decision to credit Sin City's artist/creator Miller as co-director on the film adaptation; as a result, Rodriguez decided to resign from the Directors Guild of America.


  • In 2004, unable to employ a non-DGA filmmaker, Paramount assigned Kerry Conran to direct and Ehren Kruger to rewrite the John Carter script, until they were rejected.
  • The rights to the film would be acquired by The Walt Disney Company, and would be eventually see release in 2013, directed by Andrew Stanton and written by Stanton, Mark Andrews, and Michael Chabon.