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Jawbreaker was proposed to be a feature film project by Don Bluth and it would have been released by Warner Bros. Pictures.


Synopsis: The evil king of the Jabberwockies wants the magic tooth, but then a knocki villager picks up a little boy named Cody to help protect both the tooth and the village that's being attacked by the evil king. What does the tooth do exactly though?.


  • Macaulay Culkin as Cody Hootie, an 8-year-old boy living in his home in Beverly Hills, California. He is transformed into a knocki by the Great King as punishment for trying to summon back Shaggy the Jawbreaker, but the Wise Knocki foils him and changes Cody back to normal, and he is the one who organizes the knockis to bring Jawbreaker back to the village and protect the tooth after the Jabberwockies' storm wraths starts. He slowly begins to learn the errors of his ways and he stops being afraid. Also he likes paper airplanes.
  • Don Knotts as Shaggy the Jawbreaker, a good-natured knocki and the main protagonist of the film. He also lives on a village with many other knockis, who are fond of and love him. Gifted with the ability to create bubblegums, roses and jawbreakers, thanks to a literal magic "metal tooth", he is exiled to Beverly Gardens Park for this. There, he befriends Cody, and protects him from the Great King of the Jabberwocky, though he fears him, with the help of his other knocki friends Taffy, Skits and Mucks.
  • Alan Young as the Wise Knocki/The Great King of Knocki
  • Michele Lee as Taffy the Knocki
  • David L. Lander as Skits the Knocki
  • Jon Lovitz as Mucks the Knocki
  • Christopher Plummer as The Great King of Jabberwocky, a magical, bubblegums, roses and jawbreakers-hating Jabberwocky who despises Jawbreaker. He exiles Shaggy for creating bubblegums, roses and jawbreakers, figuring he'll suffer. He later learns that this isn't the case, and sets out to destroy him, kidnapping Cody in the process. He overhears Cody's call for Shaggy the Jawbreaker in the 20th century dimensional world and transforms him into a knocki as punishment, planning to eat him. The Great King hates Plague and threatens several times to kill him if he fails.
  • Rip Taylor as Plagues, The Great King of Jabberwocky's bumbling lead henchman. Plagues enjoys saying words that ends with “-ation” and humming "The Ride of the Valkyries" and "Beethoven". He is dimwitted, but extremely aggressive. He carries an all-purpose Swiss Army Knife in a lidless soda can strapped to his back and uses his fiery breath, its various bladed objects, tools and household objects (like a flyswatter, umbrella, can opener, and corkscrew) as weapons. A small running gag in the movie was that whenever the Great King would breathe on him, his magic would transform Plagues into a randomly different creature.
  • Dee Wallace as Coral Hootie, Cody's mother
  • Charles Rocket as Orville Hootie, Cody's father
  • Darryl Hickman as Reddy, an obese fruit bat who favors golf. He is also The Wise Knocki's managerial assistant in the kingdom. His job is to assist the Wish Knocki with magic under his orders, only following him and working for him and ensure that Shaggy never feels the compulsion to return home by convincing him that his friends hate him, making it easy to profit off of Shaggy's jawbreaker and bubblegum-creating skills with power and adoration of the Wise Knocki. He secretly works for the Great King of Jabberwocky, he lies to the Wise Knocki about Cody being the bad guy and plots to capture and arrest Shaggy and the Wise Knocki but fails before the end.
  • Will Ryan as Clive, The Great King of Knocki's chronically nervous royal knocki advisor. Whenever anybody mentions the jabberwockies, he'll start to freak out and in the movie he'll sometimes howl, holler and whimper.
  • Neil Ross as Pierre, a French-accented knocki chef/Marvin, the Hootie's pet dog
  • Kathleen Freeman as Miffy the Knocki

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  • This was uploaded officially to YouTube in 2009.


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