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Jackpot is an unfinished film that began shooting in 1974 and shut down in 1975. Terence Young directed Millard Kaufman's screenplay. William D. Alexander produced for Paramount Pictures. Richard Burton, James Coburn, and Charlotte Rampling starred.


Burton played Reid Lawerence, an actor "paralysed by a falling lift." A media report claims that Burton would play an Academy Award-winning actor down on his luck who suddenly wins another Oscar. The film was to be shot in Rome and Nice. Another media report claims that the story was about "a famous actor" who "fakes a grave illness" to collect insurance money.


Young, Kaufman, Alexander and Burton had just finished making the troubled 1974 film The Klansman. Robert Mitchum was originally signed to co-star. Audrey Hepburn declined an offer to co-star.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. One media report claims that the "insurance swindle thriller" stalled due to a lack of funds
  2. Terence Young didn't have three stars for the film.


  • The movie was cancelled.
  • Nothing new came out of it.