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I Hope I Live To Finish This was an unfinished British animated film directed by Richard Williams and produced by Imogen Sutton. It was the final project directed by Richard Williams before his death in August 2019.[1] Only the Prologue was completed and released as a separate short film.


It was to be the first part of a planned feature film based on the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, in which Greek women withhold sexual privilege from their husbands and lovers in order to end a war. The short film depicts the gruesome combat between ancient Greek soldiers, resulting in the death of every combatant and the reveal that the entire skirmish was witnessed by a little girl, who runs off to the comfort of an older woman.

Why it was cancelled[]

  1. Richard Williams did not live to finish this


The Prologue was a critical success and gained many awards and nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film.[2][3]



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