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Before Karan Brar was cast in Hubie Halloween, his best friend and late Jessie co-star Cameron Boyce, who had starred alongside Adam Sandler in the Grown Ups series, was originally set to play Mike Mundi, one of the titular character's bullies. However, Boyce passed away days before filming on the movie began.


The plot would be the same as the 2020 film.


Same as the 2020 film, but with Cameron Boyce portraying Mike Mundi.

Why This Version Was Cancelled[]

  1. Cameron Boyce died from from complications of epilepsy on July 6, 2019, just days before filming on the movie began.


  • The Cameron Boyce version was permanently cancelled after his death on July 6, 2019.
  • Following Boyce's passing, Karan Brar took over the role of Mike Mundi.
  • Hubie Halloween was released in 2020 and was dedicated in Boyce's memory.