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During the production of Home Alone 3, one of the drafts was going to have Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McCalister.[1]


The film focuses on the teenaged Kevin McCalister, which Harry and Marv would return as the villains, but the rest of the details were unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Macaulay Culkin turned down the offer to reprise the role of Kevin, because he had quit acting after Richie Rich and had grown weary of "childish" roles.[2]
  2. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, the original actors of Harry and Marv, refused to return as they wanted to seek other projects.
  3. Chris Columbus did not return as the director, and he was replaced by Raja Gosnell, the editor of the first two Home Alone films.

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  • The idea of Kevin McCalister returning was scrapped.
  • When Macaulay Culkin refused to return, another draft was made, this time replacing Kevin with his younger cousin, Fuller (played by Kieran, Culkin's real life brother). However, he refused to star in Home Alone 3, feeling that he might not reach the same amount of fame as Macaulay Culkin's character did.
  • The producers rewrote and produced Home Alone 3 with an entirely new cast.
  • Disney+ distributed a Home Alone reboot called Home Sweet Home Alone. Although a new character named Max is the film's main protagonist, it is initially speculated that Macaulay Culkin will return as Kevin in a cameo. However, Culkin denied his involvement in the film on Twitter, indicating Kevin will not appear.[3]