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Note: Please, do not add "The series was switched to 2-D animation in 2021 with All Engines Go!", because this was before that happened!

Hero of the rails Model Version logo

An early logo of the film showing Thomas with model/CGI hybrid

Hero of the Rails was the first all CGI production in the Thomas & Friends franchise that was released in 2009, however before the idea of all CGI production was given, it was intended to be and CGI/model hybrid similar to what was shown in season 12 of the show alongside the few more season with the CGI/model hybrid.


The plot would presumably be the same as the final movie.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The people at HiT Entertainment saw that it was cheaper to make the movie and the seasons entirely in CGI.


  • It was decided to make the movie and the show entirely in CGI until Season 24.


  • Despite the decision for the movie to be made in CGI at the end, there were three face masks made for Hiro, Victor and Kevin. However, they were only made for reference for Hero of the Rails Merchandise.