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Heriberto and Demetrio

Heriberto and Demetrio (Heriberto y Demetrio) was going to be a Mexican computer animated film directed by Álvaro Curiel and Alfredo Sanchéz and with a tentative release date in 2014.

Would involve the participation of the actors Juan Carlos Tinoco, Joaquín Cosío, Armando Hernández, Mónica Huarte, Darío T. Pie and Dario Ripoll.


Heriberto and Demetrio are two Mexico City policemen who are assigned a secret mission to save the world.

Why It Was Cancelled?[]

  • The reasons for its cancellation are not known at this time.


  • The only Mexican animated film released in 2014 was The Legend of the Mummies (which despite being a box office success, did not do very well critically).
  • This would have been the fourth Mexican computer-animated film, but Guardians of Oz/Wicked Flying Monkeys ended up taking that spot.
    • Both movies are from Ánima Estudios.