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Halloween Retribution is a Halloween Resurrection sequel fan film based on the unmade sequel of the same name, rewritten by Jaheim Brisbane and co-written by Cohen Clark. The film will also be directed by Jaheim Brisbane. The plot synopsis is as follows.


After the events of Halloween Resurrection, Michael Myers roams free around Haddonfield, haunting the survivors of his previous massacre and traumatizing a new generation, while Laurie Strode's son, John Tate, travels to Haddonfield with the belief that the Shape is still alive and seeks out Leigh Bracket to exact vengeance on the masked killer.

Why the original Halloween Retribution was Cancelled[]

  • Halloween Resurrection received extremely mixed reviews and underperformed in the box office.
  • The movie went through development hell.
  • The script was never updated from first draft, leaving it doomed.
  • Dimension kept pushing for a remake rather than a continuation of the H20 timeline.
  • The Death of longtime producer and franchise owner, Moustapha Akkad also played a role in the cancellation due to his son Malek going in a different direction for the franchise.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.
  • The series was rebooted in 2007.
  • This lost story will finally see some light in this upcoming fan film adaptation.