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Grange Hill was a proposed film adaptation based on the BBC Children's television series Grange Hill (1978-2008), originally intended for a 2007 release. It was to be written by the show's creator Phil Redmond.


The film would have followed the lives of former pupils of Grange Hill and seen what became of them after leaving the school.[1]


  • Todd Carty as Tucker Jenkins[2]

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • It isn't specified why the project never went ahead. In 2007 when the 31st series was being worked on, the BBC wanted the show to be toned down for a much younger audience, causing Phil Redmond to turn his back on it and call for the main show being scrapped. This likely led to any anticipation for the film to be cancelled as a result, as Redmond was meant to work on it.
  • Grange Hill ended up being cancelled in February 2008 during its 30th anniversary, as it felt the show had run its course, putting an end to the movie adaptation.


  • The film and the series were cancelled.
  • The idea was revived in 2022 (15 years after it was initially planned to be made), with Phil Redmond having finished the script and looking to start casting. Although there hasn't been any updates on the project since then.