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Dex Dogtective, the protagonist of the film.

Foodfight! was a film made by Threshold Animation Studios.


The plot of Foodfight! was supposed to be like "Toy Story in a supermarket," as the plot was about a supermarket that came to life when the store closed.


In 1997, Lawrence Kasanoff and Joshua Wexler created the concept of Foodfight! and later the film went into development at Threshold Animation Studios. Around 2004, it was reported that the hard drives containing the film had been stolen. Threshold said it was a act of "industrial espionage". However, this claim has been greatly disputed by the fan documentary Rotten, in which crewmembers exhibit scepticism of this ever happening, hinting it was all a lie to continue missing deadlines without much consequence.[1] Only a sizzle reel and other preproduction work like art and storyboards were made before production shifted to motion-capture animation, which later became the version we know today.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Kasanoff was not experienced in directing an animated film, and the "theft" may have been an excuse to restart production with motion capture instead, which he was more comfortable using as he considered it adjacent to directing a live-action film.


  • Most of the sizzle reel animation produced for this hypothetical non-mocap version of the movie has since been found in a workprint, but a minute or so is still missing.
  • The final project was heavily panned by critics for the "stiff, jerky, lifeless and unfinished" animation, tons of sexual innuendos, stereotypical characters, messy plot and a terrible script.



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