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In the mid to late 1980s, a sequel for the 1972 NC-17 film Pink Flamingos was confirmed to be on the way. The sequel, titled Flamingos Forever, was intended to be released sometime between 1982-1987.

The budget was reportedly set to a $600,000 to boost the film's potential box office score. And Troma Entertainment was interested in making the film.


15 years after the events of the first movie, Divine and her family return to Baltimore. In her way is Vera Venninger (Connie Marble's sister) and her necrophiliac husband Wilbur. From there, a new battle of filth initiates.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Hollywood directors have badgered director John Waters into redoing the script, described as "atrocious".
  2. Divine wanted to focus more on serious male roles instead of coming back as Babs Johnson.
  3. Edith Massey soon passed away on October 24, 1984 due to complications of lymphoma and diabetes.
  4. One of the production managers, Bernard Jay, thought making the sequel was "a poor taste".
  5. The first film received negative reviews and was panned by critics and audiences for having "a bad vibe, filled with sexual nudity and gore".
  6. Jack Stevenson thought the prices weren't worth it and demanded for shutdown.


  • The sequel was permanently cancelled.
  • The script for Flamingos Forever would later be published in John Waters' 1988 book Trash Trio, which also included the scripts for Pink Flamingos and Desperate Living.
  • The names of Wilbur, Inez, and Tracy would be transplanted to Waters' new feature Hairspray (1988).
  • The Hokey Pokey scene would also be transplanted to Waters' final film project A Dirty Shame (2004).