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Five Nights at Freddy's is a cancelled live action horror movie based off the popular 2014 indie-game of the same name. It was going to be distributed by Warner Bros. and was going to be directed by Gil Kenan who also directed Monster House and City of Ember.



Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Warner Bros. could not get the animatronics to successfully work on set.
  2. Warner Bros. could not hold the film rights to FNAF.
  3. The final story was not finished since Freddy Fazbear's Pizza simulator was not released yet and was the closure to FNAF.
  4. It was most likely scrapped in favor of Ready Player One and Minecraft.
  5. The filmmakers kept auditioning directors and Scott announced on Steam and social media that the movie was cancelled.
  6. The budget might have been too expensive for Warner Bros to afford.
  7. There were struggles regarding the plot of the movie.
  8. Scott Cawthon was not satisfied with Warner Bros’ version and didn't like how they set up the story, so he went to Blumhouse Productions and asked them to do it.
  9. The film has been pushed back and delayed way too many times.


  • Warner Bros. went for turnaround.
  • The Warner Bros. version was permanently cancelled.
  • Warner Bros announced a Banana Splits TV horror film on Syfy instead.
  • Gil Kenan left the project, that is until Blumhouse Productions (known for Paranormal Activity, Split and Get Out) has now joined for the work of Five Nights At Freddy's film about a few months later. In 2018, it was announced that he film is back in production and Chris Columbus will be directing the movie along for writing and production with Blumhouse Productions and Scott Cawthon.
  • In September 2021, Chris Columbus (known for Harry Potter and Home Alone) left the FNAF movie, which means the movie lost its director. However, Scott Cawthon says the movie is still happening even though Chris (according to this page) is no longer involved. As of the moment, Scott is looking for a new director.
    • Emma Tammi was announced as the new director.
  • Jason Blum confirmed the film's release date on Twitter, setting for Peacock and aiming for theaters on October 27, 2023. A teaser trailer for the Universal version can be seen here.
  • The movie was officially released by Universal Pictures & Blumhouse Productions on October 27, 2023.
  • A sequel to the first movie is announced to be released in December 5, 2025.