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Note: Please do not add "Louis de Funès died on 27 January, 1983", "André Hunebelle died on 27 November, 1985" and "Jean Marais died on 8 November, 1998" because this was before they died.

Fantomas à Moscou (English: Fantomas in Moscow) is a canceled French comedy film directed by André Hunebelle and the planned sequel to Fantômas contre Scotland Yard.[1]


Fandor and Juve were supposed to chase Fantomas all the way to Moscow, and Fantomas was even supposed to be revealed to be Fandor's father.


  • Jean Marais as Fantômas / Fandor  
  • Louis de Funès as Commissioner Juve  
  • Mylène Demongeo t as Hélène Gurn  

Rest of the cast is unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Jean Marais and Louis de Funès did not get along and refused to work together again. The disagreements of the central couple arose because Marais's cultured acting did not even match the wild ferocity of Funès's eccentric comedy, which drew attention to itself in most scenes together. Allegedly, the actors did not even speak to each other outside of acting.
  2. Jean Marais was already over 50 years old and had great difficulty with stunts.


  • Fantomas à Moscou was permanently cancelled.
  • André Hunebelle's Fantomas films ended up as a trilogy.
  • As of 2010 is new Fantomas film in development.[2]