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Fantastic Four 2 is a cancelled sequel to 2015's Fantastic Four and it was slated to be released by 20th Century Fox in the Summer of 2017.


In March 2014, before Fantastic Four began filming, 20th Century Fox announced plans for a sequel with a scheduled release date of July 14, 2017.[1] In January 2015, Fox then rescheduled the release for June 2, 2017, with War for the Planet of the Apes taking its place on the July 14, 2017, slot.[2] In March 2015, the film’s release date was altered again to May 26, 2017.[3] In August 2015, due to Fantastic Four's poor box office performance and negative reviews, Pamela McClintock of The Hollywood Reporter said that it "throws into question whether Fox will move ahead with a sequel". Phil Hoad of The Guardian said it would "be interesting" to see if Fox proceeds with a sequel and if it keeps the "gritty-on-paper" tone, noting that if Fox did not produce a sequel or a reboot until 2022, the film rights would revert to Marvel Studios.[4] In September 2015, despite the 2015 film’s performance, Fox still planned to produce a sequel, with Simon Kinberg working on the project, and Tommy Wiseau expressed enthusiasm in directing a sequel, having personal admiration for the film. [5] In November 2015, the sequel was removed from Fox's release schedule.[6] In May 2016, Kinberg reaffirmed his intent to make another Fantastic Four film with the same cast, and Toby Kebbell stated he had no interest in reprising his role as Dr. Doom if a sequel were to happen. [7] In February 2017, when asked by Collider whether they would make another Fantastic Four film, Kinberg stated "I have no idea. I think the truth is we would not do another Fantastic Four movie until it was ready to be made. One of the lessons we learned on that movie is we want to make sure to get it 100% right, because we will not get another chance with the fans".[8] In June 2017, Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige stated that there were no plans of adding the Fantastic Four to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at that time.[9] However, It was Announced By Kevin Feige on Comic-Con 2019 that a New Fantastic Four Film was in development, and will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[10] On Disney investor Day 2020, Kevin Feige Announced that John Watts will direct the Film, and it will be a Part of Phase 4.[11]

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Fantastic Four 2 was cancelled due to the box office failure and extremely negative reception of 2015's Fantastic Four.
  2. After the film got panned by critics and viewers and bombed at the box office, Fantastic Four director Josh Trank tweeted and said that he would never direct a superhero movie or a another blockbuster film ever again and has since disowned the movie entirely.
  3. Fantastic Four director Josh Trank ended up being blacklisted after reports of his unprofessional and bizarre behavior on set of Fantastic Four including reportedly bullying Kate Mara during filming and was ultimately fired from directing a Star Wars Boba Fett spin-off film due to his behaviour during production of Fantastic Four and for bullying Kate Mara. Trank eventually returned to the spotlight after directing Capone with Tom Hardy and an upcoming television series about the CIA with Capone actor Tom Hardy attached to the project.


  • Its July 2017 release was later taken by War for the Planet of the Apes.
  • In 2018, one of its actors Michael B. Jordan later redeemed with his role as the main antagonist Erik Killmonger in the 2018 MCU smash-hit Black Panther.
  • The film was permanently cancelled. However, there is a possible chance of a second reboot to the franchise; in December 2017, The Walt Disney Company agreed to a $52.4 billion dollar acquirement of 21st Century Fox and most of its assets with Disney CEO Bob Iger announcing their intention to integrate the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Outdated)
  • The 2015 Fantastic Four film is stand-alone.
  • A Second Reboot is currently in Development from Marvel Studios. It was Announced on Disney investor Day 2020, and is set to be Directed by Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home Director John Watts, Who will also Direct Spider-Man: No Way Home. it will be a Installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.



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  • Fox supposedly set up a proposed crossover with the X-Men film series.