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Encanto original version Mirabel

The original version of Disney's 2021 film Encanto featured lots of deleted characters, scenes, animals, rooms, casita designs, creative ideas, and vehicles you never got to see and were scrapped in the final version of the film.

Deleted Characters[]

  • Original Isabella version - Isabella's early design was actually meant to be a Punk Rock girl, that idea was scrapped in the final cut.
  • Isabella's original lover - We all know Isabella's current date is Mariano, but in the early version, her lover was going to be someone different; a man called Bubo.
  • Two twin characters - Two twins called Amelia and Sofia.
  • Fortune teller boy - A pool-playing gambler boy named Jose, who had a similar look vibe to Camilo, most likely the character was scrapped because the writers thought Camilo would be a more interesting character.
  • Machine communicator - A little young girl named Zoey, who could speak and connect with machines,.
  • Angry fire girl - A angry looking girl named Fuega, who had some kind of fire powers.
  • Pepa's sister - In the original version, Pepa had a sister named Leta, who were likely versions of Amelia and Sofia.
  • Flower girl - A flowery covered character named Princesa, it looked like her princess vibe ended up being merged with Isabella's flower powers.
  • Implying woman - A woman named Miranda, who is always holding a bunny which shows she had a connection to animals, similar to Antonio. I wonder if she's the original version of Mirabel's mother; Julieta, who has the power to heal injuries with food.
  • Mischievous girl - A troublemaking little girl without a name.
  • Statue woman - A woman named Alejandra, was a original matriarch who established the house, and was Abuela Alma's mother.
  • Early versions of Mirabel - Mirabel was originally going to have a 1950's aesthetic design look with a green like jacket and a red hat, before it was changed in the final release.
  • Bruno's original name - According to the Disney Wiki, Bruno was going to be originally named Oscar, the only reason the director wanted to make this change was that he wanted the name to fit in the line "We don't talk about Bruno no no no".
  • Early versions of Bruno - Bruno was originally going to have a look similar to a early teenager, but this idea was scrapped in favor of an older look.
  • Early versions of Pepa - Pepa wasn't initially always going to be about her emotions controlling the weather around her, her original gift was going to be that her powers that she was indestructible and couldn't get hurt at all, the problem was that this great power was too similar to Luisa's incredible strength, so they decided to give her weather related powers instead.
  • Early version of Antonio - Antonio originally had a planned design of him talking through his animals and paying them with snacks, rather than relaying what they were saying to him.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Isabella funny impersonating scene - A hilarious scene moment of Isabella imitating Mirabel with a pair of green glasses created from her vines, similar to Mirabel's own glasses, was cut in the final film.
  • Luisa doing weights with pianos - This was included in the teaser trailer, but not in the original film.
  • Antonio beckoning on a bench and whistles to call him animals to him - Again, this was included in the teaser trailer, but not in the original film.
  • Isabella swinging down on a vine outside the casita making flowers around her - Third, this was included in the teaser trailer, but not in the original film.
  • Mirabel sitting on the roof of the house with one of Antonio's tapirs. This was included in the teaser trailer, but not in the original film, this scene was just after when Mirabel goes to ask Luisa what is wrong with the magic.
  • Isabela goes into the woods scene - When Mirabel sees her sister head for apparent danger in the woods, she races to save her, and encounters the surprise of a lifetime! This scene included Bubo, Isabella's cut love interest, this scene was likely deleted due to being inappropriate for a general audience, you can view it here.
  • Chores scene - Abuela has sent most of the family to town on various assignments that bring them acclaim, while Mirabel, her father and uncle are asked to clean the house. This scene was cut from probably having suspense, you can view it here.
  • Another way in scene - Mirabel attempts to understand a clue found in her uncle's vision. To make this happen, she must go through Antonio's room, where adventures unfold. This scene was cut, but you can view it here.
  • Back to the mural scene - Feeling rejected, Mirabel goes back to town. Abuela seeks her out and reveals a part of her personality that her granddaughter has never seen. This scene was cut, but you can view it here.

Deleted Animals[]

  • Snakes - Antonio was supposed to have some pet snakes with him too, but this was scrapped from the final film.
  • Sloths - Antonio always was supposed to have a pet sloth with him too, but this was scrapped from the final film.
  • Vervet Monkeys - Antonio was supposed to have pet vervet monkeys with him as well, but this was scrapped from the final film. They were however included in the Isabella Goes Into The Woods deleted scene.

Deleted Rooms[]

  • Luisa's secret room - Although every member of the Madrigal family has a room of their own reflecting their gift and personality, we never actually got to see inside Luisa's room. Concept art from The Art Of Encanto reveals an early idea for her room was that it should be made entirely of stone to reflect her strength and the fact that she's the most responsible person in the family. the overall idea was that it should look very boring, except for a secret door in the room that only Luisa knew about which led to a theme park where she could "just have fun like a little kid" and escape the pressures of her family duties and worries. Some other versions of her room include various locations set up as training areas for exercising weights for her to practice lifts and make her muscles more hefty. Unfortunately, the closest we got to this in the film was a snippet of Luisa running on a magical treadmill meanwhile speeding with carrying two weight lifts by the casita during the opening song "The Family Madrigal".

Deleted Casita Designs[]

  • Casita Design no, 1 - Built on top of some rock formation up in the mountains, and new rooms would add up when new family members would receive their gift.
  • Casita Design no. 2 - Had the house built around the natural rocks, pebbles, stones, and boulders in the environment.
  • Casita Design no. 3 - This version of the house had no straight lines to give it an even more whimsical and handmade feel,
  • Casita Design no. 4 - Another version of casita was that it was rather a extension of Abuela Alma rather than the whole family, and the color of the wallpaper would reflect her mood in whatever room she was in.

Deleted Creative Ideas[]

  • Another version in which Mirabel narrated the story, the colors of the world around her were going to change according to her dependent emotions.
  • Another version would take role in being in Abuela's point of view rather than Mirabel's, with things to now looking more "realistic and photographic", this idea was later rejected at they thought it was "too distracting".
  • In a rejected storyline, Agustin was the family patriarch who originally built the Madrigal house, in that version, rather than being Julieta's husband, Agustin was a strong-willed character who already had a mustache at the age of four, he was warned by a mysterious woman against building a house in the Encanto, and after he ignored her, the house threw him out the window.

Deleted Vehicles[]

  • In Encanto, the characters never leave town, so only the magical doors and rooms allow them an opportunity to explore other environments, however, in an earlier version of the story, Mirabel went with Abuela Alma to the city the old woman originally came from, during the visit, they would have seen technology not available in the isolated Encanto, including the traditional Chiva, colorful buses often considered symbols of Columbia.

Why This Version Was Cancelled[]

  1. Many changes were made as the writers and scripters didn't like most of the ideas, so Lin-Manuel Miranda, the songwriter for all the songs, decided to make some minor changes on each concept.
  2. The writers said most of the ideas were not too "attractive".


  • The current Encanto was released in 2021 to critical acclaim.
  • The old version with the original elements is scrapped permanently.


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