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Ember was a planned adventure action hand-drawn animated film that was to be distributed by The SPA Studios and to be released on Netflix by Netflix Inc.[1]


The tale of humankind’s quest for fire told through the eyes of a young Spaniard, called Dikika, who embarks on a twist-and-turns journey, speeds an impossible race to a distant volcano with the hope to retrieve the precious spark there that will save her tribe.


Ember was eventually greenlit to arrive on Netflix by Klaus director Sergio Pablos on June 2022.[2]

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. According to reports, the move to cancel Ember is a creative decision and not related to budgetary constraints. Despite the reasoning, it is well known that animated projects take longer to develop and require hours of dedicated technical effort, which ends up demanding a higher budget.


  • Ember was permanently cancelled at Netflix, although it is still in production, it is unlikely to be picked up by another studio.