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Note: Please do not add "Ed Asner died" or "James Caan died" because this film was thought of before either cast member died,and also do not add “Daniel Tay retired in 2009”.as this was before he retired.

Elf 2: Buddy Saves Christmas is a cancelled sequel to the 2003 film Elf.


It would take place at some point after the 2003 film. Rest unknown.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

1.On September 18, 2013, it was reported that Jon Favreau was interested in making a sequel titled Elf 2: Buddy Saves Christmas. In December of the same year, Will Ferrell declined to reprise his role of Buddy the Elf, stating that he did not want to make a sequel. Despite this, during an interview in January 2016, Favreau stated that a sequel is still possible. The next month, however, Ferrell reiterated that it was unlikely that the sequel will happen and stated that he was generally reluctant to do sequels unless there was a story that justifies it. On September 18, 2020, James Caan reaffirmed that the possibility of a sequel is unlikely, stating that Ferrell and Favreau never got along. It was later confirmed that the sequel was officially cancelled.


  • Elf is a standalone film.
  • Elf 2 was permanently cancelled
  • In 2014, a made-for-TV stop motion musical film titled Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas was made.