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Doctor Doom is a cancelled Marvel film.


Hawley said he planned a more purist take on the film focused on the character, describing the film as a "kind of Cold War, geopolitical movie” that would have taken place in the fictional Eastern European nation of Latveria, which Doom rules with an iron fist as a monarch. After 10 years of isolation, Doom would invite a female journalist to visit for the purpose of sharing a message to the rest of the world. [1]


In July 2017, a Doctor Doom solo film was in development with Noah Hawley attached to direct. Mads Mikkelsen had expressed interest in playing the character, having previously auditioned for Doctor Doom for the 2015 film. Dan Stevens was also said to be involved with the film. [2] In June 2018, Hawley stated that the script was almost finished, but that there was "uncertainty" about whether it would be filmed due to his upcoming film Lucy in the Sky and the fact that Disney plans to acquire Fox.[1] In March 2019, Hawley revealed that he was still unsure about whether he would be continuing the project, as it had not been officially greenlit, but that he spoke to Kevin Feige about it.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Disney Bought Fox In 2019


The Film Was Got Scrapped Due Disney Buying Fox In 2019