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As early as 2006, Adams and United Media had been struggling to get a film adaptation of the comic strip off the ground. Scott Adams envisioned the idea as a live-action film, with Dogbert and Catbert as computer animated characters.[1] Film director Chris Columbus was in talks to direct the film in 2007, with Tariq Jalil on board as producer.[2]

In May 2010, it was announced that a live-action Dilbert film was in development. Ken Kwapis was announced as director, fresh off the heels of He's Just Not That Into You and directing several episodes for NBC's The Office.[3] Jahil remained as producer, with Phoenix Entertainment and Intrigue Entertainment joining the producing team.[4]

In December 2017, in an interview by The Mercury News, Adams said that it would be impossible to make the film after his public support of Donald Trump.[5]

In 2023, Dilbert was dropped by numerous independent newspapers as well as its distributor, Andrews McMeel Syndication (which owns GoComics), after Dilbert creator Scott Adams published a video which included comments that were widely characterized as racist.

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