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Cursed Was Originally To Cast Skeet Ulrich For 2005 Horror comedy film. The film was directed by Wes Craven, and Alongside Other cast members included Milo Ventimiglia (Bo, a high school bully), James Brolin (Tyler Winston, Vince’s billionaire and estranged father), Shannon Elizabeth (Becky Morton, a party girl who gets brutally murdered under Santa Monica Pier), Illeana Douglas (Zela, an atypical fortune teller) and Robert Forster (Detective Harzel). Scott Baio himself along with Corey Feldman were cast as themselves. Pop singer and actress Mandy Moore was cast as Jenny Taylor, before Joshua Jackson was cast as the role of Jake Taylor in 2005 horror comedy film Cursed by Wes Craven, Skeet Ulrich was planned to fill out the role of Vince Winston.


Why It Was Cancelled[]