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Leaked title card since 2020-2021.

Note: This should not be confused with the released film The Mitchells Vs The Machines because it was previously programmed with this title.

Connected is the former version of the 2021 Netflix original film The Mitchells Vs The Machines, it was originally planned to release in theaters. And it was originally scheduled to release in October 2018, then it was pushed to October 2020, and in 2021 it changed it's name to the film we all know today that finally released worldwide on Netflix on April 2021.


The plot will be the same as “The Mitchells Vs. The Machines” only that the title was going to be different.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The director of the movie, Michael Rianda, was not impressed with the title being "Connected".
  2. The Netflix executives thought the title "Didn't make sense".
  3. After Sony sold the rights to Netflix, another reason the title had to be changed.
  4. The title was postponed due to the unexpected rise of COVID-19 cases at the time.
  5. Rianda said the studio thought the "Mitchells" title felt too B-movie.


  • The film was reworked into The Mitchells Vs The Machines, which became a critical success and praised for its outstanding hybrid animation, humor, and characters.
  • Despite the cancellation for the previous title, the trailer for Connected is still up on the Movieclips Trailers channel.
  • Other than Connected, the film's artbook shows it was first pitched with the title Control.Alt.Escape.
  • Connected was permanently cancelled.
  • After the film's rights were sold to Netflix, Connected would not be released to theaters.


  • Two scenes that were in the Connected trailer did not make it into the final film, both were scenes that consisted of bathroom-like humor. The first being a scene where Aaron uses a porta-potty and Rick saying "Did you wash your hands?" and he responds "Don't worry, i never do!"-while this one did appear, Aaron did not mention this phrase neither did Rick. Secondly, a scene where a man is using a AI toilet, he gets blasted out by the toilet up to the roof when the toilet says "sayonara" (which means "goodbye" in Japanese); this one didn't appear in the final film at all.
  • TV Tropes has a full list of what could have been scenes of this movie that didn't appear in the final film, to check it out, click here.
  • Connected was supposed to originally be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing and be released in theaters October 23, 2020. However, as mentioned earlier, the surging rise of coronavirus cases in 2021 made Michael Rianda have to sell the rights to Netflix instead and re title the film to its original name. After that, the film got its original title "The Mitchells Vs. The Machines" back again and no longer released theatrically.


  1. The Connected trailer can be viewed by pressing here.