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Condemned was a planned film adaptation which would be set in the same universe as the 2005 video game Condemned: Criminal Origins. It was to be distributed by Warner Bros.


According to earlier drafts of the script, a police officer hunts down a serial killer in an attempt to clear his name from murder. However, during the process he discovers that he may be tied to other ongoing murder cases in an unusual way. The cop soon begins to question throughout his investigation upon discovering his supernatural abilities, "who he is as a man, until he realizes he's not a man.[1]


No casting was announced as the project didn't get past pre-production stage.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. No clarification was made why it was cancelled. Although the game's sequel Condemned 2: Bloodshot didn't perform well in sales which may have killed any enthusiasm to make the film.


  • The film was presumably cancelled. The poor sales of Condemned 2: Bloodshot has so far killed any chance of anymore media set in the Condemned universe.