Chowder is an unmade film made by Sony Pictures Animation that was originally going to be released in theaters sometime in Summer or Winter of 2009, but was cancelled to make room for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Why It Was Cancelled

SPA thought the film was "too much".


  • Chowder ended with an episode called "Chowder Grows Up" instead.
  • A teaser was released in December of 2008, here's the teaser transcript:

Teaser trailer transcript

(Green MPAA screen)

(Logos show Columbia Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation/Cartoon Network (movie theater) logos)

(Cuts to a Black Screen and a Siren blaring)

Gazpacho (off-screen): Oh No! She escaped! We're going into lockdown! Make sure she doesn't get Far!

Nancy (off-screen): I want you to grab him, Bring him to me, I'm gonna get my money, Even if I have to kill him!

Cuts from black to outside of Mung Daal catering, the thrice cream truck is seen slowing driving towards the camera, a few Seconds later Chowder and Mung come out.)

Chowder: Hey Mung! It's the thrice cream man! Can we get thrice cream?

Mung Daal: Sure Chowder, you can get an Ice cream hold on let me grab my wallet.

(The Camera then showed words on the Thrice Cream Truck that says "THRICE CREAM" and "CHILDREN CROSSING" Before revealing that the driver of The Ice Cream truck is Screwball)

(The scene then cuts to the Thrice Cream truck speeding off down the road)

Chowder (off-screen): MUNG!"


(fades to black)

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