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Child's Play 2 (not to be confused with the 1990 version of the same name) was a planned sequel for the 2019 version of Child's Play.


It would have had Chucky take revenge against Andy Barclay and his friends and family after the events of the first movie. A Buddi bear idea was considered.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The 2019 movie had a mixed reception with fans.
  2. Don Mancini (the creator of the franchise), as well as the cast from the original franchise, were not pleased with the reboot and dissed on it.
  3. The 2021 Chucky TV series was airing, with it being connected to the original series, which stopped the sequel reboot from being made.


  • Child's Play 2 was cancelled.
  • Child's Play 2019 Is A Stand Alone.
  • The original Child's Play franchise still remains strong with the TV series, which has three seasons.