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Before the 1988 hit film Child's Play was created, creator Don Mancini had revealed that there was some prototype information of the film. Some names considered before Child's Play was the title, included Blood Buddy and Batteries Not Included.


The original idea for Chucky was that he was part of Andy's complicated emotions instead of a toy possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Chucky's original name was Buddy. The original script also toyed with the audience a bit longer, making them wonder if Andy was the killer instead of Chucky. Chucky would have been hidden in mystery until act 3 of the film, where he says one-liners as he murders people including Maggie, Andy's teacher, and his mother Karen. While Andy is asleep, Chucky wreaks havoc. Chucky then finds out that if he kills Andy, then he will be asleep forever while Chucky will be immortal and alive all the time.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Steven Spielberg was already making a movie titled Batteries Not Included.
  2. Hasbro’s 1985 My Buddy doll was made before the movie started filming, therefore changing the name of the doll to Chucky.


  • Child's Play was released in 1988, and it was a smash hit, spawning amount of sequels, a reboot, and a TV show.



What the original version of Buddy (Chucky's original name) looked like