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In July 2011, it was announced that Sony Pictures Animation and Dark Horse Comics were adapting the Chickenhare series into an animated feature film. In October 2012, Grine wrote on the official Chickenhare Facebook page: "Read the screenplay last night. It's quite a bit different from the source material, but that doesn't mean it wasn't terrific! I honestly enjoyed it. Now let's hope it stays on course!" In June 2013, he wrote: "Finally got to read the 2nd draft of the Chickenhare screenplay. Man, if this thing makes it to the big screen, you guys in are in for a treat! It's SO full of adventure and laughs I almost can't believe it. Let's all cross our fingers."



  • The plot would be the same as the novel.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • Grine wrote on his Twitter account that the film had been cancelled.


  • nWave Pictures brought the film back into production, ironically, Sony Pictures will be handling the distribution internationally
  • The Sony Pictures Animation version was permanently scrapped