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Chicken little 2 mission to mars unused logo by jamnetwork-dar291n

Chicken Little 2: Mission To Mars was a planned sequel to the 2005 animated Disney film, Chicken Little,


Inspired by the "superhero movie within the movie" finale of the film, Chicken Little 2: Mission To Mars features Ace, the superhero alter ego of Chicken Little, and the Hollywood versions of his misfit band of friends: Runt, Abby and Fish-Out-of-Water. [1]

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Despite being a box office success, the first film received mixed to negative reviews from critics and audiences, so Disney decided not to make the sequel.
  2. John Lasseter banned all future sequels after his appointment to CEO of Disney in 2006.


  • Chicken Little 2: Mission To Mars was permanently cancelled.
  • Some of the elements of the sequel were used in the game Chicken Little: Ace In Action, and the game serves as a follow-up to the film.
  • Chicken Little remains as a stand-alone movie.


  • As for Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little is one of the Disney Post-Renaissance films to have a cancelled sequel.