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Celebrity Harvest is the name of a cancelled animated film that was going to be about the virtual band Gorillaz, that ended up being scrapped on an early stage.


One of the Gorillaz creators, Jamie Hewlett, mentioned that the film would document the 18 months since the band's debut, but with a grim denouement as it turns on an apocalyptic world. He and Cass Browne, the film's screenwriter, planned to place zombies and cannibals within an endless night where they all suffer from a desease caused by fame.

Through concept art by Jamie Hewlett, more details of the plot can be previewed. On one of these is of a ghost named Del, turning into an evil spirit after being exorcized. It is also shown that the Gorillaz fictional bassist, Murdoc, is chased by the cannibalistic members of a heavy metal band that he formed after leaving Gorillaz in that time. Many concepts and ideas from Celebrity Harvest were later implemented on the 2005 album Demon Days.


  • Nelson De Freitas as 2D
  • Phil Cornwell as Murdoc Niccals
  • Remi Kabaka Jr. as Russel Hobbs
  • Haruka Kuroda as Noodle

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. During 2005, two years after its planned release, it was revealed on an interview of the magazine Trax that the film was scrapped. The film was made in association with the animation studio DreamWorks, who wanted to make a family-friendly movie. Hewlett did not agree with that and decided to cancel Celebrity Harvest because he was not satisfied enough with the film's plot.


  • The film is permanently cancelled.
  • Gorillaz is now working on another film with Netflix.